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"I was amazed, but not surprised, to find your website. It truly shows what 'can be' through the practice.  If only all things on the Internet were so elegant.  The audio file is truly inspirational.  Thank you!"
— A. from L.V.

"Congratulations on an excellent site, and on being wonderful ambassadors for your faith to those who wish to learn about it.  As an adolescent, I felt comforted and hopeful, as an art student I thought your graphics were top-noth, and as a student I really appreciated the quality information and excellent design of the site.  Thank you!"
— R. from AU.

"I just spent a long time in your site and must say it is quite amazing and beautiful and inspiring...Thank you for your message and for the work you are doing. You are probably saving a lot of people from losing their practice by being there, giving so much encouragement and, making sense.  Once again, your kind and wise words have provided me with inspiration and determination to take my problems to the Gohonzon and to deepen my faith."
— C.B.

"First I would like to congratulate you on an extremely beneficial website. I especially enjoyed the ability to download the MP3 of NMHRK. Thank you again for a wonderful tool I can use to further my practice."
— S.W.M.

"Kudos to the Everlife Foundation Staff! I have been surfing Nichiren Buddhist web sites for months and just now finally found your supersite at! It's fantastic! I am going to have your URL printed on my daimoku cards from now on to try and spread the word. I only regret that I had not found your site earlier."
— S. S.

"I do so appreciate your putting forth information in a pure and non-sectarian's nice to find those who can walk the talk!"
— G. H.

"I happened to come across your website and I was very happy to find it.  I was a practitioner of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism for a brief time but was disillusioned because I could not get answers to questions that I had.  Your material answered all those and more.  I started chanting again this morning and feel great.  Thank you!" 
— C. W.

"After reading the descriptions of Buddhism on your site, I would like to start practicing Buddhism in the tradition of Nichiren. Thank you for a wonderful site."
— M.M.

"[Regarding "Secrets of the Lotus Sutra"] I've greatly enjoyed reading your work. It strikes a captivating balance between lucid presentation and passion for Buddhism. I hope further installments aren't too far off. Thanks very much for your efforts."
— S.S.

"Your website is beautiful, with excellent design and execution. Especial mention for the graphics, which are stunning. Well done to your team, please continue to add to your achievement. I have just completed reading the first volume of 'Secrets of the Lotus Sutra'. The discussion of the Chinese contribution to the propagation of the Lotus Sutra (Chap 7) was excellent, the clearest I've read so far. The elucidation of the 3000 worlds in one life moment is masterly, and has helped me to perceive these difficult ideas with new clarity. Your description of Nichiren inscribing the Gohonzon was truly inspiring, and has helped to deepen my faith. Thanks again."
— S.H.

"Thank you... your foundation is just wonderful!!!"
— J.C.

"I like Everlife. Deep, very deep."

"What a wonderful surprise and contribution to Buddhism your Web Site is! Thank you!!!"
— M.H.

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